KEM Hospital, Pune and Siddh Divyang Foundation collaborate to develop multimedia app ‘Healthy Baby’

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Pune 2 March 2023 : Terre Des Hommes (TDH) Rehabilitation and Morris Child Development Centre at KEM hospital , Pune has collaborated with Siddh Divyang Foundation to develop ‘Healthy Baby’ a multimedia application which will help track the physical and intellectual progress of babies . The application is a result of a joint effort of more than one year with multimedia content like videos under the guidance of medical team which will simplify things for common people. The app helps in monitoring the progress of babies up to one year with six different categories of milestones over different period intervals.

While the medical content was developed by TDH Centre at KEM Hospital, the technological aspect was taken care by SIddh Divyang Foundation which has been working in this domain for past few years.

Dr. Anand Pandit Director & Consultant – Paediatrics & TDH Centre said that when it comes to physical and intellectual development of small children, the first few years are critical. Child development is a staged process where children learn, and grow physically, and emotionally and parents are in charge of it. There are specific skills most children develop with certain age. These include rolling over, sitting up, the first baby steps, smiling, waving etc. These are behavioral or physical checkpoints which parents must be aware of. In case there are some things of concern, parents then can approach their pediatricians which will result in early diagnosis and intervention crucial for the future of these children. There are about sixty videos on this platform which will be of immense help to parents and will make them understand the early stages of child development .

Dr. Sudha Chaudhari , Consultant at TDH Centre at KEM Hospital, Pune said that the app through simplified videos demonstrates different physical and intellectual milestones in the children till they become 1 year of age. The simplified videos have been created so that people living in rural areas can benefit from it. She added that The TDH center at KEM Hospital has been at the service of patients for more than four decades with all diagnostic and treatment solutions under one roof. Our experience is that children from especially lower income groups having developmental difficulties, present to us at a late stage. This is result of lack of awareness and myths.

Uday Mehta, founder Siddh Divyang Foundation said that currently the app is available in three languages Marathi, Hindi and English and will expand as we move ahead. We already had a pilot run and about 500 people have started using it . Our aim is to reach maximum people especially in the rural areas. The app is available for download on android platform and is free of cost.

Uday Mehta, a senior IT professional and an alumni of IIT Bombay started Siddh Divyang Foundation . The foundation is named after his son Siddh who was suffering from CP with physical and mental disabilities for 34 years. He set this foundation to help parents of normal and special kids with assistive technology based platform.