Khau Galli Upgrade: PMC Invests in Multi-Level Food Plaza for Sarasbagh Chowpatty in Pune

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Pune, 22nd November 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has greenlit an approximately Rs 8 crore budget for the establishment of a two-storey food plaza at Sarasbagh Chowpatty, drawing inspiration from the successful model in Gurgaon.

In a proactive move, officials from the PMC’s encroachment department recently visited the Cyber Plaza in Gurgaon to gather insights into the functionality, popularity, and overall impact of a two-storey food plaza. The aim is to ensure that the proposed Khau Galli at Sarasbagh Chowpatty becomes a dynamic and well-received addition to the city’s landscape.

According to the revised civic plan, the Khau Galli will be strategically positioned between the boundary walls of Sarasbagh and Sanas ground. The plan encompasses essential structures to enhance citizen experience, including seating arrangements, beautification elements, and a small stage for artistic presentations. Notably, during the food plaza’s operational hours, the road in front of the square, currently used for traffic, will be temporarily closed, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable environment.

While the project plan is in its final stages, the administration has initiated tests to gauge the feasibility of a two-storey design. The current space accommodates 53 stalls, with potential considerations for expansion in the vertical dimension. This expansion prompts considerations about increased income generation and its viability in covering maintenance and repair costs.

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The PMC is diligently evaluating the financial implications and sustainability of a double-storey food plaza. This strategic decision-making involves a meticulous analysis of potential benefits, including additional revenue from expanded stall offerings. The revenue generated will play a pivotal role in ensuring that ongoing maintenance and repair needs are adequately funded.