‘Law Day Celebration’ at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s New Law College, Pune on 26th November

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Judiciary is a real custodian of the Constitution; still common man has faith in judiciary. It is a duty of all the citizens to follow the Rule of Law. Constitution has three organs: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, whenever legislative and executive fails from their duties it is always the Judiciary which has came up to protect the rights of  individuals. Constitution is the Supreme Document (Suprema Lex) which promises Governance for Rule of Law. In India Democracy is the crux of Constitution. Nowadays there are right specific laws e.g. Art. 14, 21 and 19(1)G. Judicial independence is an important part of democracy.

Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda stated that, “According to Lord Denning Law is above all and is always called as ‘Law is the King of Kings’. Rule of Law is an important part of Constitution. In India we have religious diversity, linguistic diversity, etc. still we are proud to say that law is been obeyed by all the citizens.” The program was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of HON’BLE ADV. HARSHAD NIMBALKAR, Prof. Dr. Muukund Sarrdah Dean And Principal New Law College, Pune, Dr. K. R. Mahadik, Principal, Poona College Of Pharmacy and Dr. Ganesh R. Rathod, Principal, Social Science Centre.