Law Student Ankita Gupta Makes Pune Proud By Accomplishing A World Record – Publishes The Longest Law Poem In The World

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Friyana Munshi

Pune, February 19, 2021: A student of Modern Law College, Ankita Gupta has set a world record by writing the longest law poem consisting of 4059 words, compiled in 58 pages within 5 days.

The book is titled “The Trick of 511.” The book is available on Notion Press and Amazon. The poem explains all the 511 sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860. The poem has been recorded under “Longest Law Poetry” by the International Book of Records.

Talking about the motivation behind the poem, Ankita told, “It is extremely difficult for law students to learn every section of the IPC. I wanted to recreate IPC more simply and imaginatively that not just law students but other citizens can learn IPC easily as well. It is my way of giving back to society in return for what I have received.”

When questioned upon how she managed to achieve this in merely under five days she replied by expressing how shocked she was when she realized that she had accomplished the task within five days.

“I would study and take care of my daily activities while writing the poem as and when I found the time, hence I was surprised when I found that I had studied the entire IPC within 5 days, the complete 511 sections of it and wrote the poem”, informed the third year BA LLB student.

She further expressed her enthusiasm for achieving the world record by providing the example of sugarcane “When it goes deep into the soil, eventually a day comes when it must be reaped. The roots have to be made stronger before we grow up and so one day our efforts and achievements will come out at the top.“

She expressed her immense gratitude to her friends, family, as well as the principal and teachers of PES Modern Law College for their unyielding support. “Studies can be made uniquely” was a message she wishes to convey to all those who read the poem.