Leopard Enters Mercedes Pune Plant, Caught After Massive Rescue Effort 

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Mithilesh A

Chakan, 21st March 2022: A leopard entered the Mercedes Pune plant in Chakan today morning. It was caught after a lot of effort and was imprisoned in a cage.


The entire plant was shut down and all the people working there were evacuated after the leopard was seen on CCTV camera. To catch it, the team of the Forest Department and Chakan MIDC Fire Brigade had to conduct a rescue operation.


According to the information, the leopard first came out of the forest at 7 am and was seen by the security guard walking in the parking lot of Mercedes company. Then he was caught roaming freely in the CCTV camera installed in the company. When the leopard arrived in the company, a large number of employees were working. Due to the leopard’s intrusion, there was an atmosphere of panic among the employees.


The employees of the company informed the forest department and the local police. Most of the area of ​​the company located in Chakan MIDC is adjacent to the forest. After getting the information, the forest department employees after a lot of hard work imprisoned the leopard in the cage.


Inspector Arvind Pawar, in-charge of Mahalunge police station, said forest officials and volunteers used a tranquillizer dart and the leopard was caught around 11.30 am. He has been taken to the health centre in Junnar. Luckily. No one was hurt by the leopard.


After being imprisoned in the cage, they have taken it to the hospital and after examination there, it will be released back into the wild.