Letter from Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad to the Honorable Chief Minister, Maharashtra

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Date : April 9, 2018


1. The Honorable Chief Minister, Maharashtra, Mantralaya, Mumbai 400032
2. Secretary, Home Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai 400032

Sub : For urgent attention-
Apply MCOCA for organised crime, hand over investigation to police from outside the district and appoint expert advocates such as Ujjwal Nikam, Rohini Salian, Manjula Rao or Raja Thackeray as prosecutors in the murder case of two Shivsainiks in Ahmednagar.

The murder of two Shivsainiks in the backdrop forthcoming elections in Ahmednagar district is a matter of concern and indicative of the depth to which the law and order situation in the district has sunk to. Leaders of political parties such as BJP and NCP have been arrested in the case. Mr Shivaji Kardile of the BJP has entered the party recently after being a member of several other parties and has several criminal cases slapped on him in the past.
In view of the mayhem caused in the police HQ (by the accused and their supporters) it is extremely doubtfull as to how diligently and efficiently the local police will be able to investigate the case. The other accused in the case named Bhanudas Kotkar has been convicted in a previous murder case (Lande murder case) and is out on bail on medical grounds since March 2017. Shivaji Kardile and Bhanudas Kotkar have been charged with several other crimes in the past. Hence, MCOCA should be applied in this case and it should be investigated as per the provisions of MCOCA.
Also, the investigation should be handed over to Mumbai or Pune police are well experienced in handling such MCOCA cases and the trial should be held in Mumbai or Pune court with the help of highly experienced advocates such as Ujjwal Nikam, Rohini Salian, Manjula Rao or Raja Thackeray as prosecutors. Otherwise, blood stained colours of such political cesspools will soon demean the state.

Your’s sincerely,
Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar
Secretary, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad