Lonavala: Complaint Filed Against Renting Bungalows On Daily Basis And Nuisance Caused To Society Members

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Khandala, 9th May 2022: Fed up with the daily nuisance caused to parties in bungalows, the members of Summer Hills Plot Owners’ cooperative housing society (CHS) have lodged a complaint with the Pune rural Superintendent of Police (SP).


The CHS is located in Kune village, Khandala, and the members are the owners of their plots and bungalows. “The society maintains all the amenities such as water supply, electricity, security and roads. Over and above the society is administered by regular Society Bye-Laws of the Registrar of Society. Further.

all the members abided by Deemed Deed of Covenant, which stipulates certain restrictions such as not creating any nuisance, no parking on society road, not playing loud music after restricted hours and not disturbing fellow members’ peace”, states the complaint letter dated 7th May.


As per the notice issued by Lonavala Police dated 14 June 2021 under section 149 of CrPC 1973, the property owners who intend to rent out their bungalows on a daily rental basis have to secure permission from MTDC and follow the guidelines in the notice.


“Based on this notice certain members of our Society who are renting out their Bungalows had approached the Society for a no objection certificate (NOC) which the Society refused. The Society in its Annual General Body meeting dated 22/02/2022 passed a resolution that Society cannot issue NOC. Since we are only a Plot Owners Society, we are of the opinion that we cannot issue NOC as there are chances that for any illegal or criminal activity on that property, we shall be held responsible even though the property owner is not accountable to us. It is regretted that some of our members are renting their Bungalows in spite of the refusal of Society’s NOC”


They listed the following issues due to individual properties being given on rent:


1. Playing loud music late at night i.e. after 10.30 pm.


2. Consuming alcohol / other substances and creating nuisance by shouting and dancing


3. Driving the cars with loud music being played/honking in the night.


4. Moving late nights in groups along with lady members, shouting on the common roads.


5. Visitors Park their cars on the common roads and thereby obstruct the movement of other members.


6. They do not maintain a record of visitors which is much required.


The society members have demanded action by the police to maintain peace in the area.


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