Manhunt Underway: Inmate Ashish Jadhav Escapes Yerawada Central Jail in Pune

Yerwada jail
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Pune, 21st November 2023: In a sneaky escape, inmate Ashish Jadhav has broken through all security measures at Yerawada Central Jail in Pune. Authorities have initiated a search operation, dispatching a police team to locate and apprehend the escaped prisoner.

Ashish Jadhav, previously incarcerated for the 2008 murder of an individual from Warje Malwadi, was serving his sentence in Yerawada Central Jail. Notably, due to what officials described as seemingly improved behaviour while in custody, Jadhav was later assigned a job in the ration department.

Yesterday afternoon, during the routine inmate count, it was discovered that Ashish Jadhav was conspicuously absent. Subsequent thorough checks throughout the jail premises confirmed his absence. Authorities swiftly confirmed that Jadhav had managed to escape.

In response to the escape, a dedicated police team has been deployed to locate and bring Ashish Jadhav back into custody. The circumstances surrounding the escape are under investigation, and the prison administration is collaborating with law enforcement agencies to ensure a comprehensive inquiry into the incident.

Residents and the public are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. Ashish Jadhav is considered a potential threat, and the police are advising caution in case of any encounters. The escape has raised concerns about the security protocols at Yerwada Jail, prompting a review of the existing measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.