Meesho Hits The 6-Lakh Seller Milestone, Pune Witnessed 8X Increase In Number Of Sellers

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Pune, 26th May 2022: Meesho, announced that it has crossed 6 lakh seller registrations on the platform, recording a 7X increase since April 2021. An increasing number of small businesses from Pune have joined Meesho in the past year as a result of the company’s industry-first initiatives such as zero commision and zero penalty. Nearly half of these sellers operate only on Meesho, thereby making it the e-commerce platform of choice for small and medium businesses across the country.

Pune witnessed an impressive 8X increase in the number of sellers on the platform along with a 2X rise in orders since May 2021. Top categories in the region include apparel, home decor, furnishings, personal care & wellness.


Nearly 70% of all Meesho sellers hail from tier 2+ cities such as Amritsar, Rajkot and Tiruppur, among others. The company has been instrumental in transforming ~1 lakh small business owners into lakhpatis and over 5,000 into crorepatis since January 2021. Enabling sellers to tap into a large and diverse customer base has boosted their earning potential.


Commenting on this growth, Lakshminarayan Swaminathan, CXO, Supply Growth at Meesho, said, “We are building a platform that enables high growth and profit margins for MSMEs. Sellers on Meesho have seen their revenue triple since April 2021. It is immensely fulfilling to see the role Meesho is playing in helping small businesses reach their full potential. With strong participation from Pune, the platform saw an impressive increase in the number of its sellers across categories. When we say we’re democratising internet commerce, that means we are creating a level playing field for sellers. Today, Meesho is the only platform that does not differentiate sellers on the basis of tiers, nor do we have a private label play or wholesale play. Through our seller-friendly initiatives, we will continue to further our vision of enabling 100 million small businesses to succeed online.”


Chandrashekhar Naidu, a Meesho seller from Pune says, “Meesho’s ‘zero-commission’ model helps me maintain a competitive pricing for my products and is beneficial for both sellers as well as customers. I have attracted more customers since they do not have to incur the additional cost of the commission in the selling price.”


Originally from Odisha, Chandrashekhar moved to Pune seeking job opportunities. On his wife’s suggestion, he began ‘Life Win’ in 2018 and partnered with Meesho, aiming to expand his brand’s reach. The apparel brand on Meesho retails printed tshirts, dresses, kurtis and men’s shirts. Within the span of a few months, Life Win was well-received among shoppers and currently receives a whopping 7,000 orders in a month.


Meesho has built robust data-backed models that have helped create a user-friendly experience, resolve the pain points of sellers and introduce a greater degree of transparency to the e-commerce ecosystem.


Most small businesses in India are not yet technologically savvy and mobile-first. Meesho was the first Indian company to launch an integrated e-commerce mobile app for customers and sellers is part of the company’s efforts to drive the digitisation of small businesses in the country. Through this app, sellers can manage their businesses better, whether it’s order processing, payment tracking or inventory management.