Misguided Steroid Prescription by Ayurvedic Doctor for Diabetic Patient Raises Eyebrows

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Pune, 21st March 2024: A serious medical concern has come to light, prompting discussions among healthcare professionals. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, a neurologist, has brought attention to a troubling practice encountered by a diabetic patient under his care. The patient, a 49-year-old man from Maharashtra known as Mr. SL, had been given steroids by an Ayurvedic practitioner for symptoms unrelated to his diabetes, a decision that could have dangerous consequences.

Mr. SL was dealing with pain and a tingling sensation in his right forearm and hand. In search of relief, he turned to Ayurvedic medicine, where he was unexpectedly prescribed methylprednisolone, a type of steroid, along with painkillers. Dr. Kumar pointed out that not only was there no need for steroids in Mr. SL’s case, but given his diabetes, the medication could dangerously spike his blood sugar levels.

This incident has sparked a broader debate on the roles and responsibilities of healthcare providers across different medical traditions. Dr. Kumar is advocating for a clear boundary when it comes to prescribing modern medicines. He believes Ayurvedic practitioners should steer clear of allopathic medications, which require specific training and understanding to prescribe safely and effectively.

Furthermore, Dr. Kumar advises patients, particularly those managing chronic conditions like diabetes, to consult with allopathically trained doctors (MBBS) for medications outside the purview of traditional practices. This advice aims to prevent the misuse of powerful drugs that could have harmful effects on patients.