Motorola continues its robust retail expansion in Maharashtra ,Announces 50 Moto Hubs in Pune.

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Pune, 27th April 2018 – Motorola Mobility further strengthened their retail presence in Maharashtra with the opening of 50 new Moto Hubs in the city of Pune. Moto Hub is a key destination that provides easy access and availability of all Motorola products to customers; where they will be able to experience the entire portfolio of Motorola devices at convenient locations including the online exclusive devices like the popular moto e4 plus and moto g5s plus, apart from the newly launched moto x4 and moto z2 force.

According to GFK, Maharashtra is the biggest smartphone market in the country which sells 1 million smartphones in a month; thus contributing 15% to the overall smartphone market in India. Further to this, Pune contributes 10% of the total smartphone market in Maharashtra making it a crucial market for Motorola.

BV MallikarjunaRao, Regional Sales Lead, Motorola Mobility India said, “We are pleased with our initiative towards making the journey of our customers a memorable one by offering a retail experience that is truly wonderful. We are encouraged by the response we have got from the people of Maharashtra and will continue to enhance our retail presence significantly to ensure that we are present where our customers want us to be.

Motorola has been aggressively strengthening its retail footprint in different parts of the country. It took its retail expansion and entered Gujarat with the announcement of 100 Moto Hubs across top 4 cities this week. It also announced 50 Moto Hubs to ramp up its retail presence in western region of Uttar Pradesh recently after entering North East India with 25 new Moto Hubs. Motorola has also continued its robust retail expansion across various states in southern India. It strengthened its presence in southern market with 50 new ‘Moto Hubs’ each in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Further to this, Motorola made its entry in Madhya Pradesh with the opening of 60 Moto Hubs. Prior to that, Motorola also announced 100 Moto Hubs across Tamil Nadu with 50 Moto Hubs in Chennai and 100 new ‘Moto Hubs’ in Karnataka across top 8 cities out of which 50 will be in Bengaluru. In addition to this, it also announced the opening of 50 new Moto Hubs in Mumbai and 25 Moto Hubs in Kolkata respectively. Motorola commenced the year 2018, with the opening of 50 new Moto Hubs in New Delhi.

Motorola has also collaborated with Poorvika Mobiles across 43 cities in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Karnataka and with Big C and Lo t Mobile stores across 55 cities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to provide retail access to consumers.

All Moto Hub stores house the entire portfolio of Motorola devices, including moto e4, moto e4 plus, moto c, moto c plus, moto g families including moto g5splus, moto g5s, moto g5 plus and moto g5as well as moto z franchise and moto mods along with Motorola accessories like on-ear and in-ear headphones, moto shells and covers.