Ola’s flying car: A joke or is it actually true?

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New Delhi, April 1, 2021: “Excited to unveil the world’s first and only fully autonomous electric flying car, the OlaAirPro,” tweeted Ola President and group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal on Thursday.
“Now every family will fly. Online tests can be booked on the company’s official site,” the company’s CEO further stated.

Ola has also released a video featuring the car that shows that the car will only need to be charged once and then it will self-charge on the go.

The car will be a fully autonomous vehicle and no pilot or driver is required to control it, as per the video.

According to the video, the vehicle will be capable of vertical take-off and landing. Due to which, it will not require any type of runway. The car’s top speed will be 350km per hour

On April 1, people try to play pranks and crack jokes with each other, and spread false rumors without keeping any hard feelings. Volkswagen first pranked the public by announcing that it is changing its name. After which, cab aggregator company Ola said that it will be launching a fully-electric autonomous flying car.

Although, Anand Mahindra commented ‘amazing’ by sharing the video. He praised the machine in his tweet saying, “We have to accept that you have surpassed us in giving a new meaning to the word ‘off-road vehicle’!”

However, Ether Energy described the video as just an April Foos Day prank.

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