‘One ward one member’ instead of multi-member wards in the municipal councils

Mumbai, 15th January 2020: An ordinance was approved in today’s cabinet meeting. Act ‘One ward, one member’ method instead of a multi-member ward for city council will be adopted and the ordinance is about the changes made in the Act regarding it.

According to section 10(2) The Maharashtra Municipal Councils, Nagar Panchayats and Industrial Townships Act 1965, guidelines regarding wards and member numbers are prescribed for the municipality elections. As per the amendment made in 2017, multi-member ward method is adopted in municipal council area currently. According to this provision, a minimum 2 and a maximum of 3 municipal members are elected in every ward. The decision to adopt ‘one ward, one member’ method was taken to accelerate development in the municipality area.

The provision of the multi-member ward will exist for elections of proposed Maharashtra Municipal Council (Revision) Act 2019. Ordinance draft with necessary amendments will be made with the advice of the Law and Judiciary Department to act on the decision.

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