Our education system is being dominated by the leftists and post-modernists: Jaitirth Rao

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Pune, January 8, 2020: Post Indira Gandhi and Indian historian, Nurul Hassan, the education particularly in Social Sciences and Humanities has been colonized and dominated by the Marxist, Freudians and post-modernists, while Indian Conservativism has not received proper academic recognition,” said author, Jaithirth Rao. Rao was speaking at the unveiling of his book ‘The Indian Conservative’ at an event organized by Pune International Centre (PIC) at Sumant Moolgaonkar Auditorium, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune.

Dr. Abhay Firodia, President, Force Motors, Prof. Pradeep Apte of Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics and S. Khirwadkar, Managing Partner, Shadja Consultants participated in the discussion organized as a part of the programme. Dr. Vijay Kelkar, renowned economist and Vice President, PIC was present among the dignitaries.

The book explores modern Indian conservatism in five spheres – economic, political, cultural, social, and aesthetics and education.

“Conservatism has deep roots in India. Our culture goes back to 1300 years and it has a sacred geography with various traditions that of Hinduism, Islam or Jainism. We have our own tradition of conservatism and two foundational texts of our civilization that define Indian conservatism are Shanti Parva from the Mahabharata and Thiruvalluvar’s Kural,” Rao said.

He added saying that conservatives today have an important role to play in conserving our culture as ‘conservatism’ and ‘conservation’ come from the same roots.

“There are two strands of Conservative thought in India, one which began with Raja Rammohan Roy and other with Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. What we need to focus on is not their desired reform but the way they went about it. Also, we have dismissed historians like Radha Kumud Mukherjee, Jadunath Sarkar or Nilakanta Shastri from the academia, which, today, happen to be Marxist and post-modern,” he added.

According to Dr Abhay Firodia, the education during the British era was much more balanced than what is being taught today. “We have veered extremely toward the leftist and jettisoned our cultural values. The history taught today is malicious, synthetic and fabricated, which is trying to break our affinity to our land, destroy our confidence and make us hate ourselves. Conservative thought should reach all university students through this book as it presents a well reasoned and non-violent counterpoint.” he said.

Prof. Pradeep Apte said, “The conservative idea of modernizing tradition is certainly worth embracing in a deeply traditional society like India. The leftist ideology is having dangerous influence on subjects like English literature, Sociology and Political Science.”