Over 150 ex-students come together for the aid of their beloved school, Lal Bahadur Shastri High School, Dahagaon, Ratnagiri.

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Mumbai, 28th November 2017: What we are today is largely shaped by the education imparted by our school and our teachers. As gratitude towards their school and teachers, few ex-students came together for the aid of their beloved school and formed a non-profit organisation, LBSH-Maji Vidyarthi Manch, registered under Maharashtra Registration act, 1860. An initiative that started in 2015 with just few ex-students is now grown over 150 members spread across different parts of the country. To mark the second anniversary of this noble initiative, all the members, congregated at the Mysore Association in Matunga, Mumbai to launch their official website portal,www.lbshmanch.org.

The objective of LBSH Manch is to bring together all the ex- students on a common platform to share and contribute in any possible way to their beloved school, LBSH, Dahagaon and its neighbouring community as it was an integral part to shape their lives.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Subhash Pandurang Tambe, President, LBSH-Maji Vidyarthi Manch, said, “I strongly believe that, if we dream to have a sustainable society in time to come, it is essential to sow the seeds now. As you sow, so shall you reap! Our desire of such society will never be true unless we start working towards it right now. We would like to do similar initiatives and uplift all the neighbouring schools and community at large”.
Mr. Tambe further added, “We, as human beings have a limited life span and hence it is not the people but such long lasting organization we create, that will enable many new students of our school to continue doing the commendable work that we have started in the years to come”.

Needy and economically weak students are the key focus areas of LBSH-Maji Vidyarthi Manch’s work system. In the past, they have distributed free school bags with Manch logo, books, compass boxes and uniforms to each such student. This is with the purpose to promote the non-profit organization among current students and help them to align with Manch platform.

It is a fact that people from the village still lack good health facilities in the vicinity. Many have succumbed to death due to lack of proper diagnosis at an early stage. Keeping this harsh reality in mind, free medical heath camps were initiated to showcase Manch’s social responsibility towards the neighbouring society. They have also organized two days’ workshop for the students of Xth standard which was conducted by the subject experts and these experts were none other than their ex-students.