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Pune, 20th June 2022: Digital asset and financial management startup – Bigh Bull today announced funding for Pune-based NGO Snehwan Ashram to secure the future of economically challenged children.

Snehwan Ashram is founded by Ashok Deshmane in December 2015. It is based near Alandi, Pune. Their aim is to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for the less fortunate children of farmers and poor families. Snehwan is a movement for those children who are deprived of learning due to adverse situations and surroundings. We believe education is a gift of life; it is the only way to improve the life of underprivileged children, forever.

These children are predecessor of a farmer family who has lost their partial or full families in farming business. Snehwan believes in striving hard to pull all the possible resources together, through various goodwill donors of the society. Along with quality education and schooling, they guide and prepare children for competitive exams.

Incorporated in 2021, Bigh Bull today has emerged as a pioneering platform for Crypto currency, Forex and Stock Trading. With combined industry expertise along with a robust IT background they deliver best of the services and solutions to their customers. The company’s mission is to provide the most complex asset building system in the simplest possible interface, which will enable every part of the community to flourish and get empowered. The vision of the company is to strengthen the blockchain system and ensure transactions are cheaper, faster and trustworthy.

Bigh Bull,as part of the initiative, has donated 1, 00,000 (One Lakh) digital assets to the NGO. Digital assets are beneficial as they can be operated 24X7 without any time limitations. This kind of asset donation has happened first time in the history of Snehwan Ashram. And they are excited to see how it goes in future. Bigh Bull has not only donated the digital assets, but also promised to provide sufficient knowledge on block chain technology.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. RavindraPotdar, Founder & CEO, Bigh Bull said, “We wish Snehwan Ashram all the very best. Their enthusiasm and work for the kids is indeed remarkable. Their work speaks volume and impact they have done so far. We are really excited and proud to be associated with Snehwan Ashram and would be keen support them in all of their future initiatives.”

Speaking about the funding and help by Bigh Bull, “Ashok Deshmane, Founder, Snehwan Ashram said, “We really thankful to Bigh Bull and their contribution to the noble cause. We will ensure that all the money is used to the optimum for betterment of the children in every possible way.”