Pune Division’s Announces August 20th Train Cancellations, Rescheduling, And Local Train Cancellations, Check Details Here

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 19th August 2023: In a bid to enhance railway safety and modernize infrastructure, the Pune Division has announced the commissioning of automatic block signaling between Chinchwad and Khadki stations. This upgrade, scheduled for Sunday, August 20th, aims to improve the overall efficiency of train operations. However, the implementation will result in temporary disruptions affecting several train services.


As a result of the commissioning work, a series of cancellations and rescheduling of train services have been announced. Trains slated for cancellation on Sunday, August 20th, include the following:


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Train No. 12127/12128 Pune – Mumbai – Pune Intercity Express

Train No. 11007/11008 Pune – Mumbai – Pune Deccan Express

Train No. 12125/12126 Pune – Mumbai – Pune Pragati Express

Train No. 11029/11030 Mumbai – Kolhapur – Mumbai Koyna Express


Additionally, several EMU/local trains are also affected by the commissioning work, with services cancelled on the same day. Passengers traveling on these routes are advised to adjust their plans accordingly:

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Cancellation:- EMU/Locals

on Sunday 20th August


1: Lonavla -Shivajinagar

Local No. 01553 leaving

at 06.30 hrs.

2: Lonavla -Shivajinagar

Local No. 01559 leaving

at 10.05 hrs.

3: Lonavla -Shivajinagar

Local No. 01563 leaving

at 15.30 hrs.

4: Talegaon-Pune

Local No. 01585 leaving

at 07.48 hrs.

5: Talegaon-Pune

Local No. 01587 leaving

at 09.57 hrs.


6: Talegaon-Pune

Local No. 01589leaving

at 16.40 hrs

7: Lonavala -Pune

Local No. 01555 leaving

at 07.25 hrs

8: Lonavala -Pune

Local No. 01557 leaving

at 08.20 hrs

9: Lonavala -Pune

Local No. 01561 leaving

at 14.50 hrs

10: Lonavala -Pune

Local No. 01569 leaving

at 19.00 hrs

11: Pune -Talegaon

Local No. 01584 leaving

at 06.48 hrs

12: Pune -Talegaon

Local No. 01586 leaving

at 08.53 hrs

13: Pune -Lonavla

Local No. 01558 leaving

at 06.30 hrs

14: Pune -Lonavla

Local No. 01562 leaving

at 09.57 hrs

15: Pune -Lonavla

Local No. 01564 leaving

at 11.17 hrs

16: Pune -Lonavla Local

No. 01566 leaving

at 15.00 hrs

17: Pune -Lonavla Local

No. 01568 leaving

at 16.25 hrs

18: Shivaji nagar – Talegaon

Local No. 01588 leaving

at 15.47 hrs

19: Shivaji nagar – Talegaon

Local No. 01570 leaving

at 17.20 hrs

20: Shivaji nagar – Lonavala

Local No. 01560 leaving

at 08.10 hrs



Furthermore, certain long-distance trains are also being rescheduled due to the ongoing work. Train No. 12939 Pune – Jaipur Express will now depart at 17.45 hrs instead of the usual 17.30 hrs, and Train No. 22943 Daund – Indore Express will depart at 18.00 hrs instead of its regular 14.00 hrs departure.


Commuters planning to travel on August 20th are advised to anticipate delays for several trains originating from and departing to various destinations. Train services, including the Mumbai – Chennai Express, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Kakinada Port Express, Mumbai – Bhubaneswar Express, and Mumbai – Hyderabad Express, will face some delays due to the commissioning and traffic block work in the Pune Division.


The Pune Division assures passengers that these disruptions are temporary and necessary for the enhancement of railway safety and operational efficiency. Commuters are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information from the railway authorities and plan their journeys accordingly during this period of transition.