Pune: Girl Studying In Class 12 Jumps In Canal In Sinhagad Road Area

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Sinhagad Road, 10th January 2023: The incident of a young girl studying in class 12 jumped into the canal on Sinhagad road on Monday afternoon. She was not found until late at night.

The girl who jumped is Shravani Nitin Wankhede.

Shravani is studying in a college on Sinhagad road. Her preliminary examination started on Monday. She went to college in the afternoon and left the class after solving the question paper partially.

While talking on her mobile, she went near the canal and jumped into the canal. Two young men who were passing by saw the incident. The youth gave this information to the police and the fire brigade.

Reportedly, she was searched till late at night. However, her whereabouts were not found, informed Shailesh Sankhe, Senior Police Inspector of Sinhagad road police station.