Pune maid’s visiting card goes viral, gets her work orders

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Pune, November 7, 2019: Geeta maushi, whose visiting card giving details of household work went viral on social media, has become famous overnight. There have been calls from various states including Delhi, Haryana. Dhanashree Shinde, a senior manager with a private company, is the source of Geeta Kale’s visiting card.

Geeta works as a maid at the house of Dhanashree Shinde, who lives in Bavdhan. Dhanashree noticed that Geeta remained worried. When she asked about the reason, Geeta said that she has lost work and now she will under financial distress.

Dhanashree designed visiting card for Geeta and also wrote details of work as well as rates. The order for printing the cards was placed online and within two days, the cards were received. Dhanashree clicked a photo of the visiting card and forwarded it to a friend on WhatsApp. For the next two days Geeta so many calls that she switched off her phone.

Due to the visiting cards, Geeta has got work in Bavdhan.

Asmita Javdekar, Founder, Creative Nurturer at Aatman, had shared a detailed message on Facebook about Dhanashree and Geeta.

“Dhanashree got back home from a long day at work and saw her housemaid; Geeta Maushi visibly upset.
The reason, losing a job.
Not her fault but a situational issue.
The bigger problem being, an income deficit, close to 4000 rupees a month!

Dhanashree’s heart went out for maushi’s plight and she decided to put her branding skills to good use.

Within twenty-four hours, a smart business card was designed and 100 cards printed!

Dhanashree further guided maushi to hand out the cards in their neighbourhood with the help of the society watchman.

This seemingly small step taken towards extending help catapulted into an unimaginable reaction!!!

Not only has this unique business card become an overnight internet sensation but also, Maushi’s phone just hasn’t stopped ringing!
Job offers have been pouring in from every corner of India.

When I spoke to Dhanashree about this episode, her exuberance got transferred to me instantly.

She was like a pulsating energy bomb, a tad numbed in bits by the dizzying speed and explosion of such a simple idea, born out of good stead.

Today, when Maushi met Dhanashree, she couldn’t stop gushing!!
She simply surrendered her phone to Dhanashree to manage the incessant enquires.

As Dhanashree began sifting through the messages, she was awestruck!
Red FM was trying to reach maushi, news channels were vying to cover her story and WhatsApp was going berserk!!

And, it all started with a little flicker in a good heart wanting to share its flame with another candle.”