Pune: Military Institute of Technology Celebrates 10th Raising Day

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Pune, January 21, 2021: Military Institute of Technology (MILIT), Girinagar, Pune, celebrated the 10th Raising Day on 19th January. Few events were undertaken in a scaled-down manner in view of COVID 19.

Addressing, the staff at MILIT on the occasion, AVM Vivek Rajhans, Commandant, recalled achievements of the institute through the past year and acknowledged the efforts of MILIT in ensuring the conduct of training for tri-service officers even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other events organised include a lecture by Vice Adm R Hari Kumar, on ‘Theaterisation of the Armed Forces’ which was delivered online and attended by over 150 tri-service officers. The Institute also undertook a tree plantation drive with the help of Raghunath Maruti Dhole of Devrai foundation, wherein over 650 native trees have been planted in two separate locations, which would be developed into a ‘Ghann Vann’ (mini dense forest) and a ‘Dev Rai’ (Sacred Grove).