Pune: Pimpri-Chinchwad Railway Passenger Association Demands Increase In General Bogies Of Sinhagad Express And Deccan Queen

General Bogies Of Sinhagad Express And Deccan Queen
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Pimpri Chinchwad, 12th September 2022: As the general coaches of the Sinhagad Express and Deccan Queen trains running on the Mumbai-Pune route of the Central Railway have been reduced, the workers and business travellers who travel daily from Mumbai to Pune in these trains are suffering.

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Pimpri Chinchwad Railway Passenger Association has made a demand to the General Manager of Central Railway that coaches should be restored by increasing the number of coaches on these trains. On behalf of the Railway Passengers Association, Pimpri Chinchwad, President of the Association, Iqbal Mulani, has given a statement to the General Manager of Central Railway.

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Deccan Queen and Sinhagad Express have been relaunched with LHB coaches. However, due to the reduction of general coaches of these two trains, ticket-holders without reservation are facing great inconvenience.


As the Deccan Queen had only one general compartment, it was difficult to even stand in this compartment. Hence, ticket-holders do not have any other option but to travel in reserved coaches resulting in the reserved ticket holders having to bear the brunt of it, leading to disputes among passengers.


Sinhagad Express had 19 coaches till March 2020. After that, till 21st March 2022, there were 16 coaches. The present train has 14 coaches, and two general coaches have been reduced. One general bogie of Deccan Queen Express has been reduced. Both these trains are mainly for the convenience of daily commuters. Due to the reduction of general coaches (bogies) of both these trains, the journey of unreserved and reserved ticket passengers is becoming difficult.

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To avoid that, the statement demanded that these two trains should be connected with one general coach to Deccan Queen Express and two general coaches to Sinhagad Express as before.