Pune: PMC Issues Notices To 11 Contractors For Bad Condition Of Roads

Pune: PMC Commissioner Orders To Fill Potholes From Tonight
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Pune, 25th July 2022: Despite spending crores of rupees, Pune city’s roads were flooded in the first rains. After criticism from people, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has started taking action.

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11 contractors who have made 120 road works in the city in the last three years have been issued notices for repairing potholes. Only four of them have shown their readiness to repair the roads and the remaining seven have not yet responded. If the contractors refuse to repair the roads, they will be fined for the repair cost as well as for shoddy work, Additional Commissioner Dr Kunal Khemnar informed.

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Dr Khemnar said, “The water supply and drainage department has also been held responsible for potholes, and they did not repair the roads with quality by the relevant contractors after laying the channels. Punitive action has also been proposed against those contractors.”

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Meanwhile, after the bad condition of the roads, Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has appointed Engineer India Limited, an organization appointed to audit the development works, to inspect the pre-monsoon as well as newly completed road works in the last three years and submit its report.

Contractors and ward officials are also in trouble

In addition to holding the Road Department of the PMC responsible for the poor condition of the roads, the zonal offices have also been asked to report the damaged roads within their ward limits. The deadline given to them for that has expired and according to their report, these works will also be inspected.

Commissioner Vikram Kumar said that if these works are found to be substandard, action will be taken against the concerned contractors and officials.


पुण्यातील रस्त्याची दुरवस्था, 11 ठेकेदारांना नोटीस