Pune: Salons open with double rates for haircutting with safety gears

hair salon open in Pune

Mehab Qureshi

Pune, June 28, 2020: With hair salons and beauty parlours resuming their services from today, the salons have now doubled their prices for all the approved services.

The guidelines issued by the Maharashtra State government have to be followed, which permits haircutting, hair colouring, waxing and threading only. Pune Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad stressed on using aprons, gloves and masks for the employees.

Speaking to Punekarnews.in Wasim Khalil Sheikh, owner of Excellence 1 Unisex Hair Salon in Bopodi, said, “We are taking all the measures prescribed by the State Government. Customers are supposed to make a prior appointment before coming to the salon. Walk-in customers aren’t allowed at any time. Special care has been taken to sanitise and sterilise all the equipment at the salon. We are ensuring utmost safety by practicing social distancing, and not more than three customers are present in the salon at a time.”

When asked about the spike in rates, Sheikh said, “Yes, we are charging our customers more than before. For a regular haircut, earlier the charge was Rs 500. Now we charge Rs 600. This is because of the precautionary measures, such as disposable equipment, aprons and gloves for every customer. Housekeeping staff hasn’t been increased, but the cleaning the salon after every haircut is done. Although all these equipment cost us more, we are still charging minimally so that the service is worthy.”

Shardul, a customer present at the salon, said, “This is a different experience. I never imagined something like this at every point the equipment is being sanitised. I will get married soon, but I think I might have to shave on my own. Yes, I was genuinely concerned about safety, but I am very relaxed right now after seeing the preventive measures taken. Even though the rates have spiked up, I still feel it is worth the money.”

Shekhar, another customer at the salon, said, “I feel relaxed, and I was very untidy and needed to dye my hair. I am glad that this decision was taken. Also, with the preventive measures being taken, I think the government will allow beard trimming as well in some time.”

A roadside barbershop owner Riyaz Sheikh said, “People are scared to visit our shops. We are also taking all the measures. I have been waiting since morning. Only two customers have come. Yes, we have increased the rates, I used to charge Rs 70 for a haircut which is now Rs 200 because we need to buy disposable towels, aprons and sanitise every equipment. The customers will have to bear this charge.”

He further said, “All the workers went to their hometown, so now my family members and I will have to work. Also, the PPE will cost us at least Rs 2,000. We cannot work on the same rates, as the customers are limited, and other expenses like rent, electricity bills have to be paid as well.”