Pune: Spike in Cases of Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease (HFMD) – Doctors

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Pune, 30th August 2022: Currently, Doctors are getting many children suffering from hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD). It is a common viral infection among school children and can interfere with their day-to-day routine. Parents should take utmost care of their children and make sure that they stick to good personal hygiene practices.


Just like digestive problems, common cold, cough, ear infections, and even hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) cases are rising in schoolchildren. Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a contagious infection that happens due to the Enterovirus genus, most commonly the coxsackievirus. “We are observing 3 to 4 per day cases of hand foot and mouth disease in below 13 years age group. It is a contagious viral disease that takes a toll on infants and children less than 5 years old. But even older children can suffer from it. This disease spreads from coming in contact with the infected child’s saliva, fluid from blisters, feces, and even respiratory droplets that are sprayed into the air after coughing or sneezing. This disease can also be transmitted via direct contact with unwashed hands or a surface containing traces of the virus,” said Dr Atul Palwe, Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospital, Lullanagar, Pune


Dr Atul added, “This disease is seen every year. But now parents are confusing it with monkeypox or chickenpox. Many patients are getting tensed and making frantic calls as they feel the symptoms tend to overlap with monkeypox or chickenpox. Parents need to consult the doctor once they notice symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, malaise, poor appetite, and red blister-like lesions around or inside the mouth, palms, soles, hands, feet, and sometimes buttock. Remember that these symptoms will go away within 5-7 days.”


Dr Sanjay Nagarkar, General Physician, Apollo Spectra Pune said “Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFM) cause painful red blisters in the mouth and throat, and on the hands, feet, and diaper area. Apart from blisters, children get fever and dehydration as it hurts to swallow liquids. There’s no cure for HFM or no vaccine to prevent it. Those children with HFMD will have to drink enough water to stay hydrated. The disease will go away without treatment. But, many children will need medication for painful blisters as prescribed by the doctor. It requires symptomatic treatment.”


No specific treatment and only symptomatic treatment can help the child to reduce discomfort. Do not take any medication without the doctor’s advice. Parents need to take utmost care. Don’t forget to wash your and the child’s hands frequently with soap and water. Avoid sharing his/her cups, towels, and utensils with others, disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Do not hug or kiss the child who is infected,” concluded Dr Atul.