Pune: Check Traffic Diversions Due To Ganpati Visarjan

Pune: Transportation Routes For Immersion Day; Suggested Ring Roads, Diversion Points Etc Advised By Transport Department 
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Pune, 8th September 2022: For the safety of citizens and to avoid traffic congestion at the appointed route of Ganapati immersion, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Pune city police has prescribed routes for the smooth conduct of traffic. It is advised that citizens follow and help the police by using suggested ring roads, diversion points, no parking places and places to park vehicles.

Routes which are closed for traffic from 7.00 am on September 9 till the time of Immersion on September 10:

1) Shivaji Road – Kakasaheb Gadgil Statue Junction to Jedhe chowk

2) Laxmi Road – Saint Kabir Chowk to Alka Talkies Chowk

3) Bagade Road – Sonya Maruti Chowk to Phadake Haud Chowk

4) Bajirao Road – Bajaj Statue Chowk to Futaka Buruj Chowk

5) Kumthekar Road – Tilak Chowk to Chitale Corner Chowk

6) Ganesh Road – Daruwala Bridge To Jijamata Chowk Kelkar Road

7) Kelkar Road – Budhwar Chowk To Alka Talkies Chowk

8) Guru Nanak Road – Devajibaba Chowk To Hamaje Khan Chowk

9) Tilak Road – Jedhe Chowk To Tilak Chowk

10) Shastri Road – Senadutta Chowk To Alka Talkies Chowk

11) Jangali Maharaj Road – Jhansi Rani Chowk To Khandoji Baba Chowk

12) Karve Road – Nalstop To Khandoji Baba Chowk

13) Ferguson Road – Khandoji Baba Road To Ferguson College Road

14) Bhandarkar Road – PYC Gymkhana To Gudluck Chowk

15) Pune Satara Road – Volga Chowk To Jedhe Chowk

16) Solapur Road – Seven Loves Chowk To Jedhe Chowk

17) Prabhat Road – Deccan Post To Shelarmama Chowk

Diversion points suggested by Transport Department:

1) Jangali Maharaj Road – Jhansi Rani Chowk

2) Shivaji Road – SG Barve Chowk/Gadgil Statue

3) Mudliar Road – Apollo Talkies

4) Nehru Road – Saint Kabir Police Station

5) Solapur Road – Seven Loves Chowk

6) Satara Road – Volga Chowk

7) Bajirao Road – Puram Chowk

8) Lal Bahadur Shastri Road – Senadutta Police Chowk

9) Karve Road – Nalstop

10) Ferguson College Road – Gudluck Chowk


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Alternative ring roads are advised by PMC to use for transportation. It is also advised that the suggested roads will be only open for two-wheeler.

Karve Road – Nalstop Chowk – Law College Road – Senapati Bapat Road – Senapati Bapat Road Ganeshkhind Road – Simla Office Chowk – Sancheti Office Chowk – Engineering College Road – Shahir Amar Shaikh Chowk on Babasaheb Ambedkar Road – Maldhakka Chowk – Bilhai Chowk – Narpatgiri Chowk – Saint Kabir Police Station from Nehru Road towards Seven Loves Chowk – Vakhar Mahamandal Chowk – from Shivneri Road towards Gultekdi Market Yard – from Marketyard Junction, Satara Road to Volga Chowk – from Sinhagad Road to Mitramandal Chowk – Savarkar Chowk – Sinhagad Road Junction – it is also advised to go from Lal Bahadur Shastri Road to Senadutta Police Station following Kanhere Path to Mhatre Bridge to Nalstop.

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No-Parking Places:

Till the end of the main procession vehicles except for police vehicles, fire brigade, ambulances and vehicles repairing the wires of the end of the main procession vehicles except for police vehicles, fire brigade, ambulances and vehicles repairing the wires of Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) are banned from the following roads.

1. Laxmi Road 2. Kelkar Road 3. Kumthekar Road 4. Tilak Road and 5. Shastri Road 6.Ferguson Road connecting Dojibaba Chowk to Hotel Vaishali.

Places for parking:

1) Garware College, Karve Road

2) Deccan Education Society, Tilak Road.

3) Congress Bhavan, PMC road

4) PMC Office Parking

5) COEP Ground

6) Mangala Talkies

7) Hamalwada Parking, Narayanpeth

8) Jayantrao Tilak Bridge To Bhide Bridge

9) ILS Law College, Law College Road

10) Sanjivani Hospital, Karve Road

11) Jain Jostel, BMCC Road

12) Gadgil Statue To Kumbharves

13) Ferguson College

14) Aapte School

15) Desai College, Shanivarwada (For police vehicle)

16) BMCC College

17) Puram Chowk To Hotel Vishwa

18) New English School

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