Pune: Two Thieves Looted Five Tolas Gold Jewelry And Rs Five Thousand In Cash From Elderly Couple By Tying Their Hands And Feet On Knifepoint 

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Pargaon, 17th February 2023: At Jadhavmala in Ambegaon last night around 11:30 pm, three unknown thieves kicked the door of the house and broke the door frame, and tied the hands and feet of Govind Bhagwant Jadhav (77) and Nanda Govind Jadhav (70) and looted goods worth Rs 2.5 lakh including jewelry and Rs five thousand case. Thieves locked the house from the outside and broke the lights. The incident came to light today at 6 am.

Govind Jadhav has a private house on Pondewadi road in Jadhavmala here. There is no other house nearby. Govind Jadhav and his wife Nanda live alone. Their children and grandchildren are out of the village. Yesterday evening around 5.00 pm, two youths came to Jadhav’s house on the pretext of selling lucky draw coupons. 

They must have checked the house at that time to see that there was no one else in the house except the two of them. There is no other house nearby and Jadhav also has jewelry on his body. At around 11.30 pm, thieves kicked the door of the house and entered while tying the hands and feet of the elderly couple.

A gold ring weighing 1.5 tolas and another gold ring weighing half a tola from Govind Jadhav’s hand and two gold mangalsutras weighing two tolas around the neck of Nanda Govind Jadhav, a gold ring weighing half a tola and an ear ornament weighing half a tola, a nath, and Rs five thousand cash has been looted.

The thieves took the battery from Jadhav’s mobile while leaving the place. They locked the house from the outside and broke the light wire of the house and escaped. The elderly couple could not do anything due to the lock from outside, they were shouting throughout the night but no one heard any sound as there was no other house nearby.

Sunil Gulab Jadhav, whose house was some distance away, heard Govind Jadhav’s screams at around 6.00 am on the next day. After that, he visited Jadhav’s house and the entire incident came to light. Sunil Jadhav called former Sarpanch Sagar Jadhav, Vasantrao Jadhav, Gram Panchayat member Pratik Jadhav, former Gram Panchayat member Ananda Jadhav and Kailas Jadhav and after informing the Pargaon Factory Police Station over the mobile phone, the police came to the spot and started the investigation.