Pune: Pusane Village Will Be Free From Load Shedding! Electricity Generated By Solar System Will Be Used For Daily Needs

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Maval, 16th February 2013: The Pusane village located in Maval tehsil of Pune district will be free from load shedding. The villagers are happy as the village will get electricity through 24 hours solar system in Pusane village.

The population of the village is 1,500. There was no electricity in the village for hours. Due to this, the women of the village had to go around the forest to fetch drinking water. However, now schools, temples, water sub-centers, and street lights will continue as electricity will be provided through the solar system.

Rural areas are still without electricity for hours. Citizens and women are directly affected by this. Without electricity, there is a water shortage, women have to wander around for drinking water. But, the same issue in Pusane is going to be solved forever. The solar system project is being set up on the initiative of Sanjay Awande, the sarpanch of Pusane village, and Kishore Aware, the president of Janseva Vikas Samiti. “The work is in the final stage and will be completed next week,” said Sanjay Awande.

“A private company abroad has set up a solar project by spending crores of rupees. The project is claimed to be the first in the country to have battery and generator backup.”

Kishore Aware informed that Sarpanch has been elected unopposed for the last 35 years in Pusane village and the village is developing as it is devoid of politics.