Pune: Youths Solve Electricity Problems In Remote Villages Of Bhor, Velhe Talukas

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Pune, 21st June 2022: The problem of electricity in remote areas of Bhor, Velha talukas in Pune district of Maharashtra is going to be solved permanently. The ‘Mission Urja Initiative’ undertaken by some aspiring youth to become self-sufficient in electricity has turned fruitful. In this rainy season, the villagers will get electricity from sustainable energy. These projects have been set up in Ghevande, Gelgani, Dhopekhind villages of Velhe taluka and Chandwane village of Bhor taluka.


The water of the waterfall will be stored in a storage tank and electricity will be generated from this water for seven to eight months. One project will generate 16 to 22 thousand kilowatts of electricity per year. The water falling from the mountain range in the form of waterfalls is being pumped through a pipe at a speed of 120 to 160 cubic feet to generate electricity by running a turbine and its power station is in the village itself. From there, electricity is supplied to every house. The project has the capacity to generate 5 kWh of electricity per hour. The electricity generated from this project will be distributed to the villagers at a nominal price of ₹ 1 to 1.30 will be charged. This rate is lower than that of MSEDCL. This will be planned by setting up energy committees in the village. The project has a cost of ₹ 10 lakh and has been completed by the social responsibility fund. The project was recently launched in the presence of Tree Innovative Foundation, Persistent Foundation, Kirloskar Brothers, Netcracker, Imris India, and Rotary Club representatives.


In many villages in remote areas where there is electricity, the power supply is not regular. Sometimes load shedding and sometimes rain suddenly disrupts the power supply for two-three days. Therefore, inspired by the film ‘Swadesh’, water will be stored during the rainy season to generate electricity. The ‘Mission Urja project is being implemented in six villages with the participation of companies, NGOs, people’s representatives and villagers. Bhor, 6 villages in Velhe taluka will be illuminated by self-generated electricity.


Tanveer Inamdar, president of Tree Innovative Foundation, said that as the rains intensified, the power supply in the village was reduced to two-three days or even breaks for a week. We saw inconvenience to the citizens in remote areas due to lack of electricity. The problem of electricity continues throughout the year due to various reasons. We had seen the movie ‘Swadesh’. Following this thread, we are determined to make remote villages self-sufficient. Through the ‘Mission Urja’ initiative, we will give the villagers their deserved electricity that is generated in their village. Some villagers have donated their own land for this project; Also the amount of maintenance cost will be raised through public participation.


Sonali Deshpande, President of Persistent Foundation, highly praised Tanveer and his entire team. She expressed happiness over the success of the project due to the cooperation of the villagers. She promised that the Persistent Foundation would continue to support many such projects.


Bhavesh Kansara of Kirloskar Foundation said, “During the four months of monsoon, the electricity generated in the village will be enough for the villagers for eight to ten months. We have set a target of 16,000 to 22,000 kWh of power generation per year. What is special is that the initiative has been well supported by the villagers from the very beginning. ‘


Gelgani Sarpanch Raghunath Jankar said that with the help of the Tree Innovative Foundation, many problems in the village have been solved. In the dark, there were animals and many other dangers, but the mission energy has helped the villagers a lot.