Pune’s Ramnadi Becomes Nullah In Bavdhan As PMC Turns Blind Eye

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Bavdhan, 25th November 2021: The Ramnadi is getting into worse conditions due to encroachment, debris and waste throwing into the river. Residents of the Bavdhan area expressed their worries over the river condition and urged the administration to look into this matter seriously.


The river flows from Bhukum to Pashan via Bavdhan and Sutarwadi. There are many constructions made on this bank of the river. The original width of this river was 100 metres but due to the construction, it has reduced up to 20 metres. The district collector ordered not to do any construction 15 metres from the river. Yet, this was not followed. Consequently, the condition of the Ramnadi is worsening.


Speaking about this, former Sarpanch of Bavdhan Babanrao Dagdepatil said, “The PMC has turned a blind eye to the builders who are constructing buildings on the riverbank. On the other side, they are sending notices to villagers who are constructing buildings on their land. There is no check on growing constructions in this area.”


Another problem plaguing the river is garbage thrown by people. Many residents throw the waste into the river and it has become a dumping ground.




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