Students of Beena English school Survey (3)
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By Sanchita Garule.

Students of Beena English school carried out a survey on the narrow road that starts from Akurdi bridge to their school on Wednesday.

This initiative was taken under a civic awareness program of Bal Janaagraha, Bangalore.

  1. Initially the road is of 2 meters width which then narrows down to 1.5 meters width.Punekar News's photo.
  2. This road is in a very bad condition as it consists of numerous puddles and the speed breakers are all broken.
  3. The road isn’t marked by lanes nor does it have any sign boards.
  4. This road opens up to a turn where Beena English school is situated.
  5. There should be a sign board near the schools and caution boards too but this road has neither of them.
  6. All the three turns on this road leave the travellers clueless about what exactly lies beyond the turn.
  7. As this road is too narrow for two cars to pass by together from the opposite direction, it is risky for all the residents and travellers too.Punekar News's photo.
  8. The road consists of 11 street lights are not in a working condition and create a nuisance when dark.
  9. There have been various accidents that have led the residents to injuries and their houses have got damaged.
  10. The school kids pose a great threat during the opening and closing hours of the school as people drive rash and have no clue about the school ahead.
  11. The school van driver was frustrated when he came back to school.

Punekar News's photo.“People Dont drive well as the roads are bad, speed breakers are broken and so many puddles. People cannot drive slowly because of the huge puddles and they tend to drive fast. If two big vehicles are passing simultaneously it creates a havoc and there is a traffic jam too. There should be caution boards fitted as soon as possible.”

The garbage bin that is situated at the beginning of the road hasn’t been cleaned since days.
After speaking to the residents and the pedestrians we came to know that this is happening since a long time.

A shopkeeper who has been working there since 35 years said, “There has been no change since 35 years. We have tried our best. I have no hopes from anyone. If at all anything happens because of you kids we all will be grateful to you.”

Punekar News's photo.The road widening will lead to some people loosing their house but if not road widening we can at least appeal to the government to fix the roads and install some caution boards regarding the school and turns.

Bal Janaagraha is basically a uniquely designed programme conducted for 8th std students with an objective to transform today’s children into active citizens of tomorrow. The program curriculum seeks to fill the deficiencies of India’s civic education system by demystifying local governance and ward level administration.

(Sanchita Garule is a MSc Environmental science student of Fergusson college)

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