Suffering from backache ???Get Your Prostate checked   Early detection is the key to survival FREE Check up camp at IPC Koregaon Park 18th – 30th March 2019 in Pune

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12th March 2019: Prostate cancer is becoming the commonest cancer in elderly citizens Statistics say that almost one in six men suffer from prostate cancer in his life time

Unfortunately, in India diagnosis of this cancer is usually very late. We as Urologists here see almost 60 % of prostate cancer patient in advance stage where nothing curative can be done says, Dr. Deshmukh a consultant, Urologist at the Institute of Prostate Cancer, Koregaon Park, Pune.

We at the Institute for Prostate Cancer aim in creating awareness about prostate cancer and screening practices since last 5 years. The Institute has conducted more than 130 camps and covering a population of more than 70,000

This is a sharp contrast to the developed world where 80-90 % patients are diagnosed in the first stage itself. In India, there are many factors which lead to delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The most important factor is lack of awareness. Many Men don’t even know that there is something called as prostate in the body as it is an internal organ involved with reproductive system. Prostate enlarges with age and that leads to obstruction in the urinary passage which results in symptoms like straining to pass urine, frequency, night time awakening for urine, poor flow, sense of incomplete evacuation.

Cancer prostate may present with same initial symptoms…so men tend to neglect it

It is essential that they should be made aware of prostate cancer when they develop such symptoms and should undergo screening with DRE and PSA so the cancer can be detected early and it can be cured.

Symptoms of prostate cancer are minimal in the early stage as prostate being an internal organ, takes time to show symptoms. The most common symptoms of prostate cancer in early stages are urinary symptoms which coincide with the benign enlargement of the prostate. BPH is one of the commonest problems of aging so men tend to neglect it with regards to cancer.

Symptoms in a box:-

· Feeling the frequent or sudden need to urinate

· Discomfort when urinating

· Finding blood in urine or semen

· Pain in the lower back, upper thighs or hips

· Decreased force in the stream of urine

Screening tests available for diagnosis of prostate cancer, viz, DRE and PSA are not very sensitive and specific which leads to lot of false positives which creates unnecessary stress among patients, relatives and doctors.

The only way for a definite test is Prostate biopsy which is simple, but it should be done under an expert’s supervision under ultrasound guidance in a systematic way, says Dr. Garima Maheshwari who heads IPC, Koregaon Park Pune.

In the advanced stage cancer presents with symptoms of back ache, bone pain, loss of appetite, weight loss…so these are danger signs and suggest that any new onset back ache, loss appetite , unintentional weight loss should be investigated to rule out prostate cancer

Institute of Prostate Cancer (IPC) at Koregaon Park, Pune is mainly focussing on these areas since the last 5 yrs which is headed by Dr. Garima Maheshwari along with their onboard special consultant, Dr. Deshmukh who is trying to create an awareness about prostate cancer in the society and so far has educated more than 70000 men about this slow and silent killer.

IPC is organizing a FREE Check up camp for all men who can come and get their prostates checked up at the Koregaon Park centre with a prior appointment

The Camp details are from 18th to 30th March 2019

Once could register on the following numbers or email id before they come:

VENUE: Institute For Prostate Cancer

Ground Floor, Kumar the Orion,

Opp Don Bosco Youth Center