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By Devina Karnik

Punekar News's photo.“Good morning, ma’am”, “Why haven’t you done your homework?”, “Go and stand outside of the classroom!”, “Hey, what did you get in your tiffin box today?”, “Kitne marks mile yaar?”, “My House is better than yours!”, “Let’s go to the classroom after 10mins.The subject is very boring yaar”. Remember all these phrases? I’m sure you all must be. We all have been through this and if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m taking a walk down the memory lane back to school!

Thinking about school days make me smile every time. Some of the best memories of my life have been made during my school days. The epic trips, troubling teachers, the breath taking sports days and concerts, the little things like stealing your friend’s tiffin box every day, gossiping with your girlfriends, talking about sports to your guy friend’s add up to the list and still, the list can go on forever.

Punekar News's photo.Out of all the memories, there are few which stand out. Even I’ve had some which I still remember clearly even after years from passing out of school. One incident in particular. So, let me take you back to the year 2010, when I was in class 9. I was studying in the newly opened branch of one of the most prestigious schools of Pune. The branch that I was studying at, being newly opened, my class was going to be the first ever batch that was going to give the class 10 board exams hence, we were the senior most class in the school. Being senior most since so many years, it had generated a kind of superiority and proud feeling amongst us as we were the ones going to be setting an example for the rest of the school to follow. We were in fact, the naughtiest class in the entire school and most of the teachers wouldn’t actually advice our juniors to look up to us as an example. So, coming back to incident in class 9, it was the 14th of November, Children’s Day and there being a tradition in my school that every student had to bring some food item for the rest of the class and we could celebrate the day in class along with our class teacher while music would be played over the speaker system.

So were playing games and eating when suddenly four classmates of mine, stood in the centre of the class each holding a 2 liter bottle of cola. We wondered what was going to happen next. And all four of them in unison, shook the bottles and opened the lids and SPLASH!! The entire floor of the class was flooded with cola and also, the ceiling and walls had cola impressions on them! Everybody was shocked for a moment! Stand still! Didn’t know what to do and then, burst out in to laughter! But, we didn’t know that this laugh wasn’t going to last for long because we hadn’t realized that our school Headmaster was standing right outside the class door. He entered in our class, looked at the amount of mess we had created. He turned red with anger and said, “Class 9 you all are not leaving school today until you do not clear up this mess!”

So we had to literally borrow buckets and brooms from the sweepers and clean our entire classroom until it was spic and span like before. It was rather hilarious because we had to climb on the benches to clean up the impressions made on the ceiling and also we were seeing each other sweep for the very first time! Now, that was something we didn’t see each other do every day. After everything was cleaned up and approved by our teacher, we were allowed to go back home. It was a memorable day, indeed.

I’m sure everybody in my class still remembers this day. I know that years from now, when we have a class reunion and most of us would probably be having grey hair; we will remember this incident and have a hearty laugh.

(Devina Karnik is a student of Fergusson College, Pune)

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