Woman From Pune Died In Cloudburst During Amarnath Pilgrimage

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Pune, 9th July 2022: A total of 16 people have died so far in the cloud burst during Amarnath pilgrimage in Jammu and Kashmir. A devotee Sunita Bhosale from Wadgaon Budruk in Pune district has died in the incident. It is suspected that stones fell on her head during the landslide.

She had a video call with her son in Pune 15 minutes before the incident. 15 minutes later, the father informed their son over the phone that Sunita is no more.

The Amarnath Yatra started on June 30. There has been a cloudburst near Amarnath cave. There are about 12,000 devotees in the pilgrimage. Clouds have formed near the cave of Amarnath and it is seen from the video that the water is flowing at a very fast speed.

Some devotees have gone from Pune for this Amarnath Yatra. Gajanan Maharaj Sonawne from Alandi had gone in a bus with 50 devotees for the Yatra.

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Mahesh Rajaram Bhosale, Sunita Mahesh Bhosale and a sister of Mahesh Bhosale from Wadgaon Budruk in Pune have gone for the pilgrimage. They had completed ‘Darshan’ by 6 pm on Friday.

After this, the Bhosale family made a video call on WhatsApp to their son Swapnil Bhosale who was at home in Pune. Everyone talked to him. “We’ve had a darshan and we’re coming down now,” they said in a call. 15 minutes after the talk, the father called Swapnil and told him that Sunita was no more. Swapnil’s aunt came downhill with the help of an aircraft. Meanwhile, Swapnil contacted Vaishnavi Vatave and asked for help.

42 out of 50 devotees have been contacted. It is learned that eight people are not being contacted yet while some devotees are said to be missing.