100th Death centenary of philanthropist Hon. Abdul Hussein Adamjee Peerbhoy observed with great reverence

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Maharashtra, 20th December, 2018: Glowing tributes were paid to philanthropist Hon. Mr. Abdul Husein Adamjee Peerbhoy to commemorate his 100th death centenary on December 18. The altruistic efforts and pioneering vision of Peerbhoy led to the commissioning of the first railway line in Matheran and made it a popular tourist destination.
“The construction of the Matheran Light Railway was no mean feat at a time when the public transport system in the country was in a primordial phase. If the average Indian and the global tourist today can enjoy the cool climes of Matheran and access its natural beauty, it is thanks to the selfless endeavor and generosity of Hon. Mr. Abdul Husein Adamjee Peerbhoy,” stated MLA Sureshbhau Lad.
Not the one to seek personal publicity or bask in the limelight of his stellar achievement, Abdul Husein Adamjee Peerbhoy remained solemnly committed to bettering public lives and ensuring their welfare through people-centric initiatives. Not content with strengthening the transport infrastructure in the then inaccessible hill station, Peerbhoy also built Inns and Hotels in Matheran to ensure increased tourist footfalls to the hill station. His efforts and contributions have been instrumental in positioning Matheran as a prime destination on the global tourist map.
“He will be remembered as a great visionary, a true patriot whose life was dedicated to community empowerment and public service. The Matheran train line lays credence to the fact that a dream that is nurtured with commitment and hard work has the power to become a legacy to be cherished for generations to come,” stated Hussain Peerbhoy, the grandson of Hon’ble Mr. Abdul Husein Adamjee Peerbhoy.
On the occasion, school children of “Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy English School” lit diyas and placed flowers to pay homage to the luminary whose name is not etched on any bench or tree in Matheran but whose memory lives on through the train which chugs along the hilly terrain of Matheran.