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Pune, 29th October 2020- “Swadeshi with Pride” The annual and much awaited YELLOW RIBBON NGO FAIR is happening in Pune from Nov 1 st to 8th.The festive spirit is picking up and this event is not letting the present social limitations come in the way of bringing cheer and joy to several NGOS and SHGs from across the country.This event is going to be completely and exclusively online this year.
It is a well – known fact that the fair provides a platform where many NGOs and the SHGs can showcase and sell their products , thereby helping income generation activities and also creating awareness about the work done by them. Over the last several years, thousands of people have shopped at the YRNF (as it is popularly known) physically at Creaticity( formerly Ishanya mall) and this time ,all of Pune and Mumbai can shop from the comfort of their homes on creaticityonline.com.
The fair provides participating NGOs with an unique opportunity to learn, share, network, generate new ideas & awareness about the marketing trends with the urban and rural market and above all exposure of the rural NGOs/SHGs/Artisans/Farmers with the urban market and customers. The 13th Edition of the Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair will be formally open to customers from 1 st November 2020 on the ONLINE Platform www.creaticity.co.in .The YRNF will be available online from Sunday 1stNovember 2020 till Sunday 8th November 2020.
This year , owing to the current pandemic situation, many NGOs, SHGs, Artisans and the Farm Producers have been finding it difficult to sell their products,hence making their livelihood difficult. There have been hardly any similar platforms or exhibitions happening in physical or virtual formats. Most of them are not digitally equipped to handle the facets related to managing online platforms ,right from product listing to promoting to selling. Completely empathetic to their needs and limitations, Ishanya Foundation has stepped in during this all-important period and not only provided them with a platform to showcase their products, but also helped them step-by-step in the process of getting listed online and promoting their products during the fair.The platform is being provided free of cost to the participating NGOs, SHGs, Artisans and Farmer Producers.
The Yellow Ribbon NGO and Artisans Fair which is arguably Pune’s proud shopping festival is available for residents of Mumbai this year. All products will be available on www.creaticity.co.in , where you can log in and help the NGOs , SHGs, Farmer Producers and Artisans who work selflessly to support various causes like livelihood, health, women empowerment, education for children and environment. The products will be delivered at your doorstep within a few days and all you need to do is log in and shop online from the comfort and safety of your home.
Some highlights of this year’s online extravaganza
• The eight day online fair showcases participants from Pune, Mumbai, Sangli, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Gujarat to name a few
• On display are a wide range of environment friendly products rather than plastic goods to promote a sustainable way of living and preserving our environment for the next generations to come. • Some delightful farming produce, good- health and wellness products, artistic handwork are not to be missed categories.
• Sagomaya (products made out of nature’s darling, namely cowdung) diyas is an unique environment friendly initiative taken by Ishanya Foundation. It is unfortunate that many farmers appear to be in distress ,we hear about farmers committing suicide and so on, it is a heartfelt initiative that Ishanya foundation has taken up to support the farming community by creating an additional source of income through these Sagomaya diya pots. These Sagomaya diya pots are made by tribal marginalised farmers using cowdung. Once the use as diya is completed, these diyapots can be gently crumbled and used as a manure for the house/society plants. They are 100% biodegradable products,swadeshi with pride India and available for sale exclusively at the online Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair.
• A variety of organic honey like Kashmiri multi floral, tulsi , neem ajwain, Sheesham honey from Phogat Bee, Aphiary from Haryana are available on sale. Mahila Umang Producers Company from Uttarakhand is having different kinds of pickles, wild Honey, jams of Apricot, Strawberry and Plums. Along With this they also plan to sell apricot, mango and plum chutney and Jelly of Apple & Pear and Guava.
• Maa Kamakhaya from Himachal Pradesh will be selling dry fruits such as walnuts, badam, anjeer, Manuka, Haldi, Dry plum and Mango powder.
• Ram Rahim SHG is having different types of haldi like Sangli, Selam, Rajapuri which we all know is what people are looking out for increasing their immunity.
• Tangaliya or Dana which is a 700 year old craft from Saurashtra in Gujarat is presenting Dupattas and Stoles. The art is supported by NGO Saath Livelihood.
• Not to miss, there are many more NGOs who are exhibiting festive gifting ideas from different kinds of diyas, lanterns, gifting items, to jute bags, bags and purses made from Banana Fibre, home décor , different kinds of ladoos, books and jewellery. • This is not a typical marketplace with millions of products, but a curated platform that will help many deserving NGOs and SHGs
Speaking about this year’s edition of YRNF,Mrs. Parul Mehta, Managing Trustee,Ishanya foundation said, “_Our commitment to this cause has been unflinching for over a dozen years now and we didn’t want to miss this year, hence the online avtar of the YRNF as a platform for this richly deserving talent. I sincerely encourage and warmly invite all patrons to visit without fail, after all, your shopping will not only give you some unique products and gifting ideas, but also bring smiles to many families during these challenging times. Make the effort to log in, shop and celebrate and feel joyful too.This fair is all about development with dignity.” Log onto www.creaticityonline.com from 1st Nov onwards.