19-Year-Old Boy’s Midnight Run Video Goes Viral, Retired Army Officer Promises Help In Recruitment Training

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Preeti Mandal

Noida, 21st March 2022: Filmmaker Vinod Kapri shared a video last night which went viral and has got the highest views within just a few hours of uploading the video.

The young boy in the video can be seen repeatedly declining Kapri’s offers like a ride home, a dinner together, etc. He is heard saying that he trains and runs in the dead of the night just to make sure he’s doing it for recruitment in the Indian Army. He’s been also heard saying that he has a morning shift at McDonald’s in Noida’s Sector 16, following which he runs home and then cooks dinner for himself and his older brother (who has a night shift).




He is Pradeep Mehra, a native of Uttarakhand, who resides in Barola, about 10 km away from his workplace. He is seen running down Noida road at midnight when the roads look the scariest as it is empty. Despite being soaked in sweat, he keeps moving and repeatedly turns down filmmaker and author Kapri’s offers to give him a ride back home and a dinner together.

Kapri keeps shooting the video throughout, and with ever-increasing offers, the young man tends to give more and more information about himself and impresses Kapri to the fullest. He reveals about his 10km run every day in the dead of the night while returning from his work at McDonald’s to his home where he lives with his elder brother.

While the filmmaker insists him for a ride back home, he gives the most polite answer stating that the ride could affect his practice and that he doesn’t get time for running, stating to which he also revealed he runs because he wants to join the Army which filmmaker is the most impressed.

The filmmaker further offers him dinner to which Mehra responds that “I’ll go cook food for both of us (himself and his brother) and then have food.” The filmmaker further offers by saying “come have today’s dinner at our place” to which the young boy responds “No, my elder brother will be left hungry then”. The filmmaker further says he can cook the food, he stays at home right? The young man still manages to answer politely by saying “No, he (his elder brother) has a night shift”.

Being impressed the filmmaker says that this clip is going to get viral, but the young man laughs and responded by saying “who will recognize me”? but in case it goes viral, it’s okay, it’s not like I am doing anything wrong.

By his genuine and polite answers, the filmmaker is wholeheartedly impressed by the young man and suggests everyone go through Mehra’s story which will inspire millions.

After the video went viral, Kapri met Mehra at McDonald’s outlet where he works.

Many people commented on Twitter promising to help the young man.