54 days and 4,200 teacups to policemen: Ghorpadi resident’s generous contribution to fight against COVID-19

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, June 2, 2020: “It’s been 54 days in a row that we have served 4,200 cups of tea to the policemen on duty till date,” said Raghuvir Badigar.

Amidst the stringent Coronavirus lockdown, the health workers have been working at the cost of their lives – this includes policemen, doctors, nurses, etc.

People have been reaching their hands out to appreciate the combined efforts of police officials and health workers. Such is the story of Badiger (36), a resident of Ghorpadi, which is also a containment zone for COVID-19. He has been giving cold water and tea to the police officials at the Ghorpadi police station as well as the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) workers and the policemen on duty.

Badiger and his wife Nirmala wake up early in the morning at around 6 am to serve the morning tea to the cops on duty. During the day, to seize the heat, cold water bottles are distributed, followed by tea at around 4 pm.

“We have been giving tea and cold water to the police in Ghorpadi village, Shravasti Nagar, Jai Hind Chowk every day. We are doing this as a matter of duty. We have been providing around 90 cups of tea each day at our own expense”, said Badigar, who works as a bank collector.

He further said, “Police officials have been extremely kind and welcoming. In fact, a few days ago, when it was raining cats and dogs, the police officials themselves called us and said they could send a van because they are used to our tea.”

This gesture by Badiger has only made this fight against COVID-19 easier. The police officials have been thankful to him. “We all should do any small thing that we can for our brave warriors, who are risking their lives to help us,” expressed Badiger.