64 Percent of Indian Techies Say Infosys’ Narayana Murthy Changed the Face of IT Industry

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In an exclusive survey conducted by IT learning platform TechGig, about 64% Indian IT professionals voted for NR Narayana Murthy as the game changer for desi technology sector. Also, Google’s Sundar Pichai topped the list of India-born technology leaders whom most Indians are proud of. He was followed by Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and NIO’s CEO Padmasree Warrior at second and third position, respectively.

In the last 71 years, India has relentlessly worked to become a top player in various spheres, and it has been able to achieve that feat in Technology sector undoubtedly. Today, IT is one of the biggest contributors to India’s GDP, economy and overall success story. To understand major milestones in India’s growth story, TechGig conducted an exclusive survey on IT professionals and the findings revealed the major milestones, as perceived by the Indian techies. Here are the chief outcomes:

Narayana Murthy – The game changer in IT sector

Indian IT sector has been benefitted by contributions of many stalwarts but clearly, Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy remains a hot favourite among the tech professionals. The surveyed professionals were asked to enlist the name of an Indian who created the biggest impact in Indian IT industry, and Narayana Murthy topped the charts among many present and past IT leaders. He served Infosys for around 21 years but his imprint on the mind of Indian techies seems everlasting.

Murthy was followed by Wipro’s Azim Premji and Tata’s N Chandrasekaran on the second and third positions, respectively.

Technology has made jobs more competitive

TechGig’s survey also revealed that technological advancement in last 71 years has given an unprecedented boost to the Indian job market. Around 60% of surveyed professionals support the fact that adoption of technology has been an enabler of jobs, rather than a destroyer. These techies also enlisted that the continuous progression and development on technological front has led to an increase in demand for job profiles like web developer, data engineer, data analyst in recent times.

About 95% of survey respondents said that advancement of technology has made jobs more competitive. About 66% of Indian employees in Tech domain feel that their work is as competitive as jobs abroad. Also, 66% of professionals feel that Indian companies are no longer just the outsourcing hub, possibly because most of them are focussing on R&D to differentiate their offerings from the rest.

“Modern India has a strong focus on science and technology. Today everything in the corporate world is revolving around Big Data, AI, IoT, mapping the future of IT industry, which indeed is fabulous. According to recent trends IT industry will witness a sharp upsurge in off-shore demand. Also, the Indian IT sector will gain momentum, creating a plethora of job opportunities for IT people and future ahead,” said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi – Business Head, TimesJobs & TechGig.

Sundar Pichai, tops the list of India-born leaders

Talented Indians have made breakthroughs, pushed boundaries and held positions of power in the world of technology. According to TechGig survey Google CEO, Sundar Pichai tops the list of India-born technology leaders of whom Indians are proud of, followed by Satya Nadella and Padmasree Warrior at second and third position respectively.