6th International Conference on Start-ups held by Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS)

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Mekhola Mukherjee

Pune, 20th January 2018 : Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS) organised its 6th International Conference “Abhinavan 2018” which is about ‘Start up India-A Spectrum of Sustainable Possibilities’. The initiative focuses on giving the students of business management courses an exposure to all about start- ups so that they become a successful entrepreneur and guiding them throughout so that they sustain in this competitive world. The event successfully took place under the guidance of Dr. Tarita Shankar-Chairperson, Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) and Prof. Chetan Wakalkar – Group Director, IGI.

Famous speakers from all over the country as well as abroad were present and enlightened students about the present state of start-ups in India and its future and also about what Entrepreneurship is and what all skills are required to become a good entrepreneur. Prof. Dr. (Alby) Anand Kurian, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) was the Chief Guest of the event.

The event began with the welcoming address and opening remarks by Dr. Renu Bhargava-Director, ISBS and Prof. Chetan Wakalkar about entrepreneurship to students which was then followed by the insights shared by the chief guest of the event Dr. Anand Kurian who said” An Entrepreneur who creates employment can always be a better employee but an employee can’t be a good entrepreneur, hence management and entrepreneurship is different from one another. He further added” the students will be provided with educational scholarships to nurture their skills and also with numerous contacts of possible investors for fund raising as fund in not a big issue these days. He also added “always look at people who are able to learn quickly and not by their degrees.”

Dr. Kaustabh Dhargalkar, Founder- Potentials and Possibilities Mentor at The Center for innovation, incubation and Enterprise at IIM Ahmadabad and is also a speaker at TEDx platform inspired the students by his speech where he said” the only way to analyze market better is the youngsters should travel around, move out, look at problems country faces”. He also added “the foreign exchange transfers will increase in the near future bringing lot of opportunities to the youth”.

Ms Jelfie Achandy, Principle Consultant Dream Catcher Group India and Canada gave a tremendously motivating speech to all the budding entrepreneurs where she said “Believe in yourself, be passionate about what you do, failure is guaranteed at first place if you are not passionate about your idea”. “90% chances are failure but rising up is important in entrepreneurship” she added.

Mr. Chinmay Khole, General Manager Tata Cumins Ltd and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt holder was the last speaker of the first session talked about the Balanced Triangle Theory, he said” The Balanced Triangle Theory is all about understanding the scope or limitations of business and accordingly use their schedule and resources”.

These events were further followed by the post lunch sessions which started with the address by Dr. Vikas Joshi, CEO & Founder, Harbinger Group followed by a panel discussion. The participants included were Dr. Vikas Joshi, CEO & Founder, Harbinger Group, Mr. Chanakya Joshi, founder-GetAConnect.in, Mr. Prashant Phatak, Founder-CEO at Valency Networks, Founder- CEO at AppTrusty, Dr. Ravindra Utgikar, Vice President- Corporate Strategy & Marketing. Praj Industries Ltd.

The event was then concluded by the inspiring speeches given by famous speakers which involved Mr. Harshavardhan Gune, Head-Strategic Products Division WorldWide Oilfield Machine India, Mr. Vinayak Jadhav, Founder & Director-Thinking Hut IT Solutions, Mr.Chankaya Joshi, Founder- GetAConnect.in and Mr. Jayant Tambade, Partner- ITpreneur, Data System Pvt. Ltd.

”Abhinavan itself is moulding the new students and that is the call of new India today…Start-up India Stand-up India and infusing our youths through these ideas is the need of the hour” signs off Dr. Tarita Shankar,Chaiperson,IGI.