798 Doctors Died During The Second Wave Of Coronavirus Across India, Delhi Topped The List

India has one of the lowest deaths per lakh population in the world

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Mumbai, 30 June 2021: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Thursday disclosed that 798 doctors have died during the second wave of Coronavirus across the country. 128 doctors from Delhi lost their lives. Bihar followed with 115 doctors, whereas with 79 Uttar Pradesh came third in the list. States like Maharashtra and Kerala where delta plus variant outbreaks are high, recorded 23 and 24 deaths, respectively. Pondicherry has the least number of deaths. According to reports, there has only been one death of a doctor.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday praised doctors for helping people during the coronavirus pandemic. Shortly after this, IMA President Dr JA Jayalal said that the PM has assured that doctors will be respected and protected. Like every year, to honor the contribution of doctors, the country will observe National Doctors Day on 1st July. The first National Doctor’s Day was celebrated in the country in July 1991.


IMA President Dr JA Jayalal also stressed on the need for vaccination. We will celebrate this year’s National Doctor’s Day (July 1) in memory of Dr BC Roy. He said that the medical fraternity was happy to receive appreciation from PM Modi on Doctor’s Day.


Earlier on June 25, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had reported that 776 doctors lost their lives in the second wave of corona. According to the IMA’s Covid Registry, till June 25, Bihar had the highest number of deaths of 115 doctors. This was followed by 109 deaths in Delhi, 79 in Uttar Pradesh, 62 in West Bengal, 44 in Rajasthan, 40 in Andhra Pradesh and 39 in Jharkhand. Meanwhile, there was a decrease in the cases of corona in the country. On Tuesday, daily cases fell below 40,000 for the first time in 102 days.