Another Sextortion Scam; Rs 18,000 Ransom Collected From A Young Man By Threatening Him With Defamation

Cyber Fraud
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Pune, 30th June 2021: The cases of sextortion are on the rise in the city. A shocking case has come to light in which cyber-criminals took a ransom of Rs 18,000, under the pretext of defaming a youth. This incident happened through social media between January 29th and June 27th.

According to police, the accused approached the plaintiff to have sex with him, identifying himself as a young woman. The accused then took the youth’s WhatsApp number, made a video call on it, and recorded a video of him being naked. The accused then threatened to make the video viral.

As a ransom, the accused asked the young man to pay Rs 18,000  through Google Pay for deleting those recordings. After paying the ransom the man complained about it to the cyber police. A case has been registered under Ransom and IT act.