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The Institute of National Integration, Pune was born out of the need felt by the erstwhile Chief of Army Staff, General OP Malhotra in 1980, to give further fillip to the Secularism and National Integration already extant in the Army. Finding favour with the then Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, the institute came to fruition in 1985, with the primary aim of training in National Integration. Subsequent accretions to responsibility included the training of Religious Teachers of the Army and Territorial Army (recruits and refresher training), training in Behavioural and Social Sciences for selected personnel and setting of question papers for recruitment & promotional of Religious Teachers. With a small footprint of just four Officers, ten Junior Commissioned Officers and approximately 41 personnel, the Institute of National Integration trains approximate 300 personnel every year in the high ideals of our Republic. So far approximately 6840 personnel have been trained at the Institute.

Located within the College of Military Engineering Campus at Dapodi, this oasis of calm and serenity is singular and the army men posted here have the privilege to wear the National Flag on the formation sign. The foci of training are:-

(a)   Soldierly qualities, secularism: Psychological, security & health counselling.

(b)  Knowledge of other religions and working in a mixed environment.

 (c) Psychological aspects and underpinnings of military behaviour and counselling.

Students make visits to various religious, social and other places of importance to gain a better and more balanced world view. These range from the Moral Rearmament Centre at Panchgani, to Aga Khan Palace and Paraplegic Home amongst others. Visits to nearby military establishment including the National Defence Academy, College of Military Engineering Museum and rowing node have also been formalized. A dedicated teaching staff, supported by excellent guest-faculty and an effective and nimble administrative team ensure quality training at the Institute of National Integration.

Twenty Junior Commissioned Officers & Non Commissioned Officers joined Behavioural & Social Science course at Institute of National Integration, on 02 Nov 2015. This courses is of two weeks duration and will conclude on 14 Nov 15. Commandant K Birendra Singh complimented the instructors on successful conduct of course and was sanguine that the students have increased their knowledge base and skills to handle challenges which are faced by military personnel in their daily lives. He is of the opinion that these JCOs & NCOs have been adequately trained to deal with issues like leadership, professionalism, team work, team building stress mgt and counselling. The main aim of this course is to acquaint the trainees with various stress mgt techniques & to impart trg of psychological counselling skills to troops. It also teaches them as to how a soldier should adapt to a multicultural environment. Core values of Indian Army are reiterated in this courses & stress is on enhancement of soldierly qualities in the trainees.