Automobiles Will Now Get A ‘Star Rating’ Based On Crash Tests: Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari
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New Delhi, 24th June 2022: Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari today (June 24) approved a draft of the Bharat New Car Assessment Program (Bharat NCAP) via Twitter. In a series of tweets, Gadkari informed that Bharat NCAP will perform as a consumer-centric platform.

Automobiles in India based on their crash test performance shall be given the ‘Star Rating’. Bharat NCAP will rate cars based on their performance in a Crash test, safety along with other features.

“I have now approved the draft GSR notification to introduce Bharat NCAP (New Car Assessment Program), wherein automobiles in India shall be accorded Star Ratings based upon their performance in crash tests,” he tweeted.

He further tweeted, “The testing protocol of Bharat NCAP shall be aligned with Global Crash Test Protocols factoring in the existing Indian regulations, allowing OEMs to get their vehicles tested at India’s in-house testing facilities.”

Another tweet said, “Bharat NCAP will prove to be a critical instrument in making our automobile industry Aatmanirbhar with the mission of making India the Number 1 automobile hub in the world.”

“Bharat NCAP will serve as a consumer-centric platform allowing customers to opt for safer cars based upon their star-ratings, while promoting a healthy competition among OEMs in India to manufacture safer vehicles,” it further said.

Automobile gadgets and industry will now receive a ‘Star Rating’ from the consumers. This is extremely crucial to ensure passenger safety in cars and it will also increase the export integrity of Indian automobiles.