Biker Files Complaint Against Pune Golf Course Following Stray Golf Ball Injury

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Pune, 1st December 2023: In an alarming turn of events, a motorcyclist found himself at the receiving end of a mishap near the Pune Airport Road Golf Course, leading to the launch of a formal complaint against the golf course management. The incident, occurring on Wednesday, November 29, around 2 pm, unfolded in the vicinity of GST Bhavan, sparking a wave of concern.

The aggrieved party, identified as a legal professional, was on his way to the District Land Records Office in Yerawada, accompanied by a colleague. While traversing the boundary wall lining the Golf Course, an unforeseen occurrence altered the course of their journey—a sudden impact under the eye, caused by a stray golf ball originating from the golf course itself. The unexpected blow caused the motorcyclist to lose control, resulting in a distressing fall.

Upon regaining consciousness, the victim discovered the golf ball lying nearby and noticed a wound beneath the eye, resulting in profuse bleeding. Swiftly, the injured individual was transported to Sassoon Hospital to receive necessary medical attention. Subsequent to treatment, the individual proceeded to take formal action against the Golf Course management and an unidentified individual engaged in golfing at the time of the unfortunate incident.


In response to the severity of the situation, a case has been formally registered against the golf course management, prompting the Yerwada police to initiate a thorough investigation. Legal proceedings are poised to delve into the circumstances surrounding the distressing incident, meticulously assessing any potential safety oversights at the golf course.