Charitable Hospitals in Pune Warned of Action for Patient Treatment Violations

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Pune, 13th November 2023: Charitable hospitals registered under Public Charitable Trusts, with an annual expenditure exceeding five lakh rupees, are mandated to provide subsidized treatment to poor patients and free treatment to indigent patients.

Joint Charity Commissioner Sudhir Kumar Bukke has issued a stern warning, emphasizing that action will be taken against charitable hospitals found violating these regulations.

Hospitals registered under Public Charitable Trusts, as per The Maharashtra Public Trusts Act, 1950, are legally bound to provide treatment to indigent patients. The Bombay High Court, in a 2004 decision, reinforced this obligation, directing charitable hospitals to reserve 10 per cent of total beds for free treatment for poor patients and another 10 per cent for subsidized treatment for weaker section patients.

Charitable hospitals found in violation of these rules will face fines, and the government has been recommended to withdraw exemptions from the public administration fund contribution for the concerned hospitals starting from the next fiscal year. The Office of the Charity Commissioner will compile a report and advise the Maharashtra State Government on recovering the contribution amount payable to the Public Trust Administration Fund. Additionally, other concessions and benefits granted to such hospitals may be withdrawn.

Patients from economically disadvantaged sections are encouraged to seek treatment in charitable hospitals listed in the district. In the case of a hospital refusing treatment, patients can file a complaint with the Hospital Superintendent and the Inspector of the Charity Office, prompting necessary actions against such hospitals.

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In response to the regulations regarding patient treatment in charitable hospitals, Sudhir Kumar Bukke, Joint Charity Commissioner, emphasized, “Charitable hospitals should admit the patient immediately in case of emergency. All necessary medical facilities should be provided till the patient is stabilized. If required, a transport facility should be provided to take the patient to the public hospital for further treatment. Charitable hospitals should not ask for any deposit on admission as an emergency patient.”