CREDAI-Pune Metro takes pro-active steps for safety of construction workers- – Suhas Merchant

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-The association so far has trained more than 750 site engineers in over one year

Pune, July 3, 2019: CREDAI- Pune Metro being an umbrella association of developers, has always taken proactive steps for labour safety at construction sites and is conducting special trainings programs for site engineers and supervisors from a long time. Partnering with National Safety Council of India, the association has trained 750 site engineers in past one year to ensure safety instructions are compiled at site, informed Suhas Merchant, President, CREDAI Pune Metro.

Merchant said that the recent incidence of death of construction workers at labour camp is an unfortunate event and needs to be investigated. He also told that CREDAI Pune Metro is collecting information from its members regarding the status of their labour camp safety.

Merchant said, “It has always been the focus and objective of the association to achieve the highest safety working environment at construction sites by conducting awareness programs and issuing guidelines to the members. We always appeal our members to conduct safety trainings and safety audits at their sites. We ourselves have also hosted several safety training sessions for supervisors, site engineers and laborers. We also publish site safety manuals and circulate it among the members.”

CREDAI has deployed panel of experts like ‘CQRA Pvt. Ltd.’ and ’The Winning Edge Solutions Private Ltd’ to conduct safety training and safety audits at sites, Said Merchant. These agencies generally conduct audit on site through demonstrations on construction regarding safety of mechanical equipment, chemicals, scaffolding, excavation, electrical safety, controlling hazards and good/safe practices to be followed at sites. They also guide in documentation as per the OHSAS 18001 and under provisions of BOCW Act.