CREDAI-Pune Metro to conduct mass vaccination drive for construction labourers

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Pune, April 7, 2021: The CREDAI- Pune Metro, which has been involved in several CSR activities, has planned to carry out a mass vaccination drive this year for the construction labourers over COVID19 across the PMC, PCMC and PMRDA region as per norms specified by government from time to time.

The association, which has received support from the municipal authorities, will strengthen the vaccination drive, which will benefit lakhs of labourers after getting requisite approvals from the government. During last year’s lockdown period, the association had been involved in several activities including setting up ICU units and oxygen beds in Govt. run hospitals, distributing ration to the poor and distributing sanitizers, masks and cooked food etc. to the labours at construction site.

Apart from that, the association has expressed concerns over the hike in interest rates by several banks including the SBI and has said that such move will further weaken the already struggling Real Estate sector.

Speaking on the issue, Anil Pharande, President, CREDAI-Pune Metro said, “With measures like lower interest from banks and reduction in stamp duty last year there was some hope for the industry’s revival. But unfortunately, the banks have again hiked their interest rates, which can have an adverse effect on the sector. There are around 250 allied industries along with lakhs of labourers depended on the Real Estate. It should be reconsidered.”
The association has also said that migration of labourers due to the second wave of COVID19 can spell more trouble as the developers who are struggling to meet the deadlines and commitments need the workers at their sites.
“The Real Estate sector has just begun to revive and there have been reports of migrants leaving the city due to the fear of another lockdown. We are already providing sanitization and hygiene measures and medical treatment at the labour camps. But another migration will prove uncertain for the revival of the sector,” said Pharande.

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