Deccaleap Technologies launches industry’s first of its kind fire safety products

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Pune, 18th September 2019: Pune based start-up Deccaleap Technologies today launched industry’s first of its kind fire safety products in Pune. The innovative fire safety products ‘Thro’ and ‘F-Protekkt’ are developed in such a way that it can instantly douse fire and help in controlling a situation which could otherwise lead to disaster . ‘Thro’ is an aesthetically designed, paper weight or vase shaped product which can be kept at residences, offices, hotels etc. whereas ‘F-Protekkt’ is fitted under the bonnet-hood of a car to thwart engine-fire accidents. The products are safe, harmless to humans, easy to use especially in cars and homes/offices to control fire. F-Protekkt is priced at INR 10,500 whereas the pack of 4 Thro products will be available at INR 1770 (inclusive of taxes) in India.


The products were unveiled today in a press conference where company spokespersons Rajiv Mitra, MD, Deccaleap Technologies, Anirban Sarkar, Group Chairman, Tanvi Borker Executive Director and Mr. Dhananjay Lad, Chief Operating Officer (COO) were present.


On this occasion TV commercials of Deccaleap Technologies with company’s brand ambassador and famous actor Suniel Shetty were also revealed to the audience.


The two innovative products are user friendly and easy to store. To stop fire from spreading, one has to simply throw the product ‘Thro’ on the fire to douse it completely. The non- toxic chemicals used in this product cuts off oxygen supply and stops fire from spreading any further. The other product ‘F-Protekkt’ is India’s first self-activated engine fire extinguisher. The product fits under the bonnet of vehicles and in case of an engine fire, activates itself through smart heat sense technology that gets activated and douses the fire thereby preventing it from spreading further and causing harm to lives and property. These products do not leave any residue and are very sleek in design.


On this occasion after unveiling these products, Mr. Rajiv Mitra, MD, Deccaleap Technologies said, “For us at Deccaleap safety comes first and above all else, particularly fire safety. Our ability to address the challenges of fire protection comes from our passion to put human lives and their safety first in everything we do. We are determined and committed to finding innovative ways to protect lives from fire hazards. What burns never returns, so we proactively work on making sure that nothing burns by focusing on employing state-of-the-art technology, excellent processes & practices and the best people. Today’s launch is a fruition of years of effort and concern for fire safety. It is high time we prepared to fight the battle against fire accidents and in this no other weapon is as good as Thro and F-Protekkt. I can assure you that in the coming days we will make Thro & FProtekkt available to every household, offices, hotels, vehicles and all who value life and property, thereby making them safer and bringing them joy and great peace of mind. Stay safe India.”


Adding grace to the occasion Anirban Sarkar, Chairman, Deccaleap Technologies said, “The products F-Protekkt and Thro are an extension to our aim of protecting lives. The company’s aim is to search for problems that endanger the lives of people on a daily basis. While doing our research we saw that there is no user-friendly firefighting equipment available in India which can be used by an individual without any help of experts and we saw an opportunity for us to introduce our products for the Indian market. We have introduced our products in some of the global markets and are receiving very good response. Very soon you will DeccaLeap as an MNC with a large global footprint, operating out of many countries. The mishaps related to fire can occur anytime and can spread if not controlled on time and our products are nothing but the best solutions to control the same. I have a vision that no life should be lost, no property should ever be damaged due to fire, anywhere in the world.”


On this occasion a special message was given by brand ambassador and famous Bollywood personality Suniel Shetty in which he said, “Fighting fire in reel life is so much different than fighting fire in real life. On film sets we always have experts who know how to control fire. But in real life we don’t have experts around us to control any unlikely incident. Thro and F-Protekkt are our experts in real life and can come in handy when there is a fire in your home or in your car’s engine. I am extremely happy to be associated with this brand and my own cars are fitted F-Protekkt and I have Thro kept at my home too. I wish Deccaleap a great future and thank the team for coming out such brilliant and innovative solutions to a rage called fire.”


Dr V.K. Saraswat, Indian scientist who formerly served as the Director General of the DRDO, presently member of and Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University had this interesting note to mark the launch.  “F Protekkt is an innovative, smart fire extinguishing system that can be installed in almost all automobiles. The device does not require any maintenance. Thro & ThroVase are unique products capable of protecting people in a household fire or fire in any office. The devices are unique, innovative and ‘a must to possess’ solution for fire safety. My compliments to the DeccaLeap leadership team.”


Apart from Pune currently these products are available in cities like Mumbai, Patna, Nagpur, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Vadodara, Rajkot, Delhi, Raipur and Ranchi. In near future company plans to expand its dealerships across India. The company also solicited distributorship inquiries from all parts of India only from genuine parties.