Deputy CM Fadnavis: ‘Country Needs Modi’, Urges Support For Mahayuti Candidates In Pune District

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Bhosari, 10th May 2024: Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis convened a ‘Vijayi Sankalp’ meeting today at Gawajatra Maidan in Bhosari to campaign for Shivajirao Adha Rao-Patil, the candidate for the Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency. MLAs Mahesh Landge, Ashwini Jagtap, Uma Khapare, former MLA Vilas Lande, Mangaldas Bandal, and Vikas Dolas were among those present at the event.

In this meeting, Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis stated, “Sharad Pawar knows that the atmosphere has shifted after the voting in the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. That’s why Sharad Pawar’s NCP and Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena will merge with the Congress after the 4th of June. The country has no option other than Narendra Modi. The INDIA alliance lacks leadership, ideas, and good intentions. If you want to contribute to the nation, just as the PM said, Pawar and Thackeray should align with the ‘real’ NCP and Shiv Sena within the Mahayuti.”

He continued, “This is the country’s elections, not a gram panchayats’. You have to elect a leader who can strengthen the country, ensure its security, foster its development, and fulfil the expectations and dreams of the common people. Mahayuti comprises multiple parties. On the other hand, under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, 24 parties came together but couldn’t decide on a leader. They can’t even declare a PM candidate. The loudspeaker which starts blaring at 9 AM (referring to Shiv Sena UBT MP Sanjay Raut) said there will be 5 PMs in 5 years. This isn’t a business or a family matter; it’s about our country. You should link Shirur’s carriage to Modi’s engine, and nothing will hinder its progress.”

Fadnavis remarked, “MP Dr. Amol Kolhe is a talented artist and dramatist. However, he has remained solely an artist and failed to become a true MP. A true fan attends a play once, but not twice. As the drama ‘flopped’, Dr Kolhe will not have another chance now. He announces his retirement from the entertainment industry as the elections have arrived. After the election, they resume their drama, and people forget. People are questioning Kolhe, asking where the last five years went. From us, the Indrayani River will be freed from pollution. Plans are in place to alleviate traffic congestion in the city, including the construction of three-storey roads, and a development plan has been devised. Efforts are underway to transform the city into a modern hub, and steps are being taken to address the issue of the red zone.”

Finally, Fadnavis stated, “MP Dr Amol Kolhe went to Delhi and did not return to the constituency. He went on village visit tours but did not meet anyone, nor did he answer phone calls. 80 % of the MP funds went unused. Since there are no development issues, they resort to false accusations and deception, claiming sincerity to garner sympathy. Those who have switched parties like Kolhe have no right to preach about loyalty. Kolhe is known for his treachery. They are trying to lecture us about loyalty. For twenty years, We remained loyal to Shiv Sena. Despite losing the seat to the NCP, Adhalrao disclosed that he was a consensus candidate fighting against time. In 2019, the leadership at the time instructed not to work with Mahesh Landge.

MLA Mahesh Landge remarked, “We faced immense struggles for two and a half years when we were not in power. Upon assuming power, we addressed the issue of the 12.5 % reservation in the Pradhikaran. Penalties were waived. The public stands with Mahayuti. Therefore, Adhalrao will get a lead of more than one lakh votes in Bhosari.”