Dr. Nivedita Bandil Unveils ‘Antardwand’: A Decades-Long Journey in Captivating Hindi Poetry

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Pune, 16th December 2023: “Antardwand,” the debut Hindi poetry book by Dr. Nivedita Bandil, was officially launched online today. This captivating anthology comprises a collection of Hindi poems penned by the author over a remarkable two-decade span.

Dr. Bandil’s verses explore a diverse array of themes, including nature, emotions, mother-child relationships, animal superstitions, the struggles of the poor, aspirations of a girl child, love, and freedom.

The poetry goes beyond the ordinary, challenging societal norms and beliefs that have been unquestionably passed down through generations. Dr. Nivedita’s thought-provoking poems invite readers to wander freely into a universe she skillfully crafts with her words.

The anthology not only serves as a platform for Hindi poetry but also features a fitting foreword by Smt. Anshuli Arya, Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Official Languages. The book was officially launched by the esteemed litterateur, poet, and senior bureaucrat Shri Santosh Jha. The event drew the presence of numerous poetry enthusiasts from various parts of the country.

Given the broad spectrum of topics covered, “Antardwand” promises to be a captivating read for individuals spanning generations, from children to the elderly. The book is now available both in physical stores and online platforms such as Amazon and Kindle, making it a highly recommended literary choice.